Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Motion Picture Marine’s Perfect Horizon on the North Sea

From the Production Log of Brent Spencer 
Perfect Horizon Engineer and AC Rigger
June 29th 2011

I flew off to Amsterdam, Holland to work with  Eyeworks Film Productions to help get the shot they needed for their first 3D epic “Nova Zembla”. 

Landing in Amsterdam and being taken to the docks right away I knew this was an important day for the production crew. They had  tried to film from boat to boat without stabilization the week before with a Red camera 3D rig and the results weren't pretty! So I was there on a very special mission to get the job done and give them the important shots they needed to fulfill their shot list. 

The North Atlantic Sea was not as bad as she could be, but I was challenged to keep my balance as I was assisting Rolf, the DP,  to maintain his balance while lining up the shots to film a 16th century ship he was eager to shoot.

With the beginning of the first shots and with full wind in the ship's sails, Rolf was ecstatic, saying “this is why we are here men! This is going to be in the trailer”. 

The Red Camera System was mounted in a 3D configuration and was quite heavy. The total weight with the fluid head was about 160 lbs. Given the conditions of the sea with it’s 6-10’ ft swells, it made for a interesting day of filming. 

All and all the Perfect Horizon Camera Stabilization Head was put to the test and performed excellently. The Dutch film crew all were very nice and showed an eager interest in the Perfect Horizon as they had never seen it before; they expressed a need to have this kind of system in Europe. 

As for me, I'd love to return to this picturesque land of locks, land and sea and would be happy to bring the Perfect Horizon back for more perfect 3D  shots!


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  1. This is a great rig! And a great crew! I was out in Amsterdam and got a chance to meet Brent Spencer (having known David Grober, the inventor, for many years) and have become quite a fan of the system and of Brent!